We Belong to the Land


“We belong to the land” is a phrase from the song “Oklahoma.” The song describes lazy hawks and flowers on the prairie where the junebugs zoom. But it also describes farming and early statehood.┬áSo I’ve been pondering lately: In what ways do I belong to the land?

I think the question will stick with me for a while; this artwork is far from the answer. But I had fun getting to know the living things that speak for Oklahoma… The prairie celestials (blue flowers on the right in my drawing above) is one flower that intrigued me–one late morning in spring, it blossoms, and by mid afternoon, it has curled up again, ready to sleep for another year. Such delicate timing. What perfectly timed moments do we fail to see because we are too busy with our own little stories? We are more connected than we realize, perhaps.


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